Saturday, February 24, 2007

Super Mario 3D Games

Goombas in Super Mario 64 can be defeated by a kick as well as the traditional stomp.The Goombas' physical appearance in Super Mario 64 is based on their Super Mario Bros. 3 design, albeit in a 3D-rendered form. Their behavior changes slightly in that instead of wandering back and forth they first perform a small hop when they spot Mario, as if to indicate surprise, and then give chase to him. Similar to most Mario games, the Goombas in Super Mario 64 can be killed by stomping. However, in this game Mario has additional physical attacks besides ordinary jumping, and Goombas can also be killed with these new abilities. The giant Goombas will yield blue coins if Mario performs the ground-pound attack on them.

In Super Mario Sunshine, there are no Goombas, but a creature similar to an orange Goomba called "Strollin' Stu"/"Puffy Widget", that wears spotted briefs, is one of the most common enemies. According to The Perfect Guide of Super Mario Sunshine, these are the Isle Delfino versions of Goombas. Its Japanese name is "Hamkuri".

Super Mario 64 DS, a remake of Super Mario 64 on Nintendo DS, has some modifications. One of them is the addition of an original boss called Goomboss. The Goomba complains to Yoshi that his junior siblings have been stomped on in previous Mario games. Goomboss looks virtually identical to King Goomba from Paper Mario and is the same person. He is one of Bowser's recurring elite, like King Boo or the boss Wiggler. Goomboss returned as a Mission mode boss in Mario Kart DS.

In the E3 demo of Super Mario Galaxy, as well as several promotional images, it shows that goombas will, in fact, be featured in this next 3D Mario installment. They also are very similar to the Super Mario 64 goombas.